Sunday, June 23, 2013

Instavideo: Adding Versatility + 9 Additional Seconds of Glory

Instagram released video capability within their app earlier this week.  The video feature allows for 15 second videos, or a 15 second combination of video clips.  This enhances Instagram's competitive edge in the photo and video sharing space.  Instagram, owned by Facebook, has been growing in popularity particularly over the past several months.  However, many Instagram users were also downloading Vine, Instagram's competitor's app, to share videos.  Now those who want to share both photos and videos have the convenience of being able to do both through one app with Instagram.

An additional benefit of Instagram's video feature is that it allows for videos that are 9 seconds longer than Vine's videos, which are only a maximum of 6 seconds in length.  The question may linger of whether 15 seconds is still too short for some users, or on the flip side, whether 15 seconds is too long to hold the interest of viewers.

Although Instagram has the powerhouse of Facebook behind it, it is surprising to hear that the Instagram app is only ranked as the #17 top downloaded app in the Apple app store, whereas Vine is ranked as #3.

The phenomenon of sharing photos and videos is undoubtedly exploding, so adding video capability was an obvious move for Instagram.  It was a smart strategic move to allow users to share both formats of content, and a great competitive move to help fend off Vine.  Personally, I really like Instagram's ability to use filters and select a cover image for each video, whereas Vine automatically selects a cover image, which is generally the first clip of the video.


  1. I have always been a fan of Instagram and I am shocked to hear that it is not ranked higher in Apples App store for Downloads. I have never used Vine before but I do see how the new phenomenon of sharing videos is taking over the social media landscape. Although I do believe 15 seconds is a little on the long side, Instagram really seems to want to allow their app users to be as creative as possible and feel as though they are professional photographers or semi pro videographers. My guess is that it will take instagram some time to really cut into the cult like following that vine currently possesses, but it will be interesting to see how many businesses if any are trending towards using Vine as an additional social media marketing tool as opposed to Instagram.

    1. Hi Maria! I agree that it's surprising that Vine is ranked so much higher than Instagram in the app store. It really seems as though Instagram is much more popular. It will be interesting to see what happens to both of their rankings now that Instagram offers video! Thanks for your comment!