Monday, June 10, 2013

Social Media: Making Old Things New Again

Coca-Cola is respected as one of the companies who is tops in terms of having social media marketing "figured out."  They do a great job of marketing on their Facebook page, Twitter, and so forth.  However, one of my favorite innovative uses of technology is seen in their "Give the World a Coke" campaign that was re-released last year.

The beverage giant released a commercial, referred to as the "Hilltop" commercial/song back in 1971.  It opened up the concept of giving the world a Coke, but at that time, it was merely a dream.

Last year, the ad was re-introduced, but with the added feature of vending machines that were strategically placed around the world.  From these machines, people could select various locations to send a Coke to, and even record a brief video message for the recipient (who was a complete stranger). Through this campaign, Coke and its customers were now literally able to "give the world a Coke."

This is a great example of a company dusting off a great campaign that was created decades ago and taking it to a whole new level by incorporating today's technology.

Here is a link to the full creative brief for the project, and here is the link to the original commercial.


  1. Coca-Cola is definitely known for its media campaigns. They continue to engage their customers through various social media outlets. Even for a video as ancient as the original commercial mentioned in this article, Coke's video on youtube has about 375k views; and youtube hasn't been around as long as coke. This is definitely a company doing something right with social media.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Gerald! I completely agree that Coke is great at social media marketing. They are great at coming up with creative ideas and testing out campaigns that other companies would be hesitant to try - definitely respectable, and this one was a pretty cool win!

  2. I have a client who has an app where you can get access to vintage college football games - think UGA and Herschel Walker. Coke is allocating media dollars to place their old tv spots right inside the game film in the app. It's a pretty cool use of their old spots and allows them to connect with their audience in a way that keeps them feeling nostalgic (in context) while still getting brand impressions.

    The app also encourages conversation about the spots as well as the actual football games.

    One thing that makes Coke seem so smart is that they have a spirit of experimentation. They aren't afraid to try new things in marketing.

    1. Placing the old Coke ads inside the old football games is creative & a great idea! And adding the ability for viewers to engage in conversation with each other is a neat added bonus. Very cool. Thanks for commenting, this is neat!